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What are revolving cards?

We are all familiar with traditional credit cards, but more and more banks are marketing what are known as revolving cards. What is a revolving card and how does it work? These are credit cards that have the peculiarity that […]

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Credit cards with debit function

Some banks offer their customers credit cards that allow them to withdraw cash from ATMs with the same fees and requirements as a debit card. These cards can be a good option for those who only use the debit card […]

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Can I take out two mortgages at the same time?

If you have the financial ability to pay two mortgages at once, you can theoretically conclude several contracts and pay them off at the same time. But this transaction won’t be easy; it’s difficult to get approval. Is it possible […]

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What is a credit card

What is a credit card and how it differs from a debit card If you are a debit card holder, your bank has probably offered you to get a credit card more than once. What it is and what the […]

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Pros and cons of credit cards

So what in fact is a credit card – a “goody-goody wand” or another debt swamp? In fact, there is no simple answer to this question. It all depends on how you’ll use the card. We can only highlight the […]

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Terms of credit card processing: pitfalls

Before you use a bank credit card, you need to study all the conditions. Offers can be divided into two large groups: Pre-approved. Credit cards under a special offer available to customers with a positive reputation. Most often available to […]

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Minimum credit card payment

A credit card does not have a limited repayment period like a consumer loan. That’s why some credit card holders are confused about how to pay off debt. Let’s understand how the calculation works, what the minimum credit card payment […]

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Refinancing credit cards

Refinancing a credit card is a convenient service for those users who find themselves in a difficult financial situation. Banks offer you to repay your old debt and apply for a new loan on more favorable terms. We will tell […]

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How does interest accrue on a credit card?

The interest rate on a credit card is a payment to the bank for the finances provided. You don’t have to know the exact formulas and figure out how credit card interest is calculated. You can use a special credit […]

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Choosing a credit card with cashback – what do I need to pay attention to?

Banking services today are not limited to simply providing a credit card with a certain amount of money. Banks attract clients not only by tempting and favorable conditions on the provision of funds, but also by an additional incentive – […]

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