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The difference between a loan and a credit

The two main products offered by the banking and financial sector are credit and loan. These two related terms have several fundamental differences, despite the fact that they form the core of the system of offers for borrowers. What is […]

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What are the pros and cons of credit cards

A credit card is one of the most popular and sought-after bank products. They have higher interest rates than consumer loans and, therefore, the bank gets more money from each customer. But access to borrowed money alone is no longer […]

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What is a virtual credit card

A number of banks and payment systems offer potential customers a relatively new product – a virtual credit card. Such cards are not an alternative to “classic” plastic cards. Rather it is an additional payment instrument to the client’s main […]

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What is a debit card

In addition to credit cards, banks issue a second type of card – debit cards. In terms of the number of cards issued by banks each year, debit cards are inferior to credit cards. With complete external similarity, with a […]

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Credit cards and insurance

Some financial institutions offer optional insurance with their cards and many users end up taking them out even without knowing it. They are not mandatory. We advise against this type of insurance and encourage consumers to check if they have […]

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Bank cards with NFC technology

The latest in credit and debit cards is called contactless. They look like a normal card but have a hidden chip equipped with NFC technology. The improvement is that you don’t have to insert the card into an ATM or […]

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How to cancel your bank card

Blocking your debit or credit card when it is lost (or stolen) is vital. The less time you take to do it, the better and safer. Whether by theft or carelessness, it’s not just the money you lose: it also […]

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How to use your cards without problems

We are using cards more and more, both in our physical and online purchases. We remind you of some basic security tips so that you don’t run any risks. It was a clear trend, but the pandemic, and the increase […]

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Unrecognized charges on your credit card: What you must do

One of the most common fears that arise when you get a credit card is that, when you check your account statement, you will find charges that you did not authorize. Formally known as unrecognized charges, they are those amounts […]

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What happens if I pay my credit card AFTER the deadline?

Your bank or department store may charge you interest if you pay your credit card after your payment deadline, we tell you how to avoid it. We know, sometimes, due to setbacks, many people don’t manage to pay their credit […]

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